Ep. 224 – Sonic Mania Review + What’s Going On With The DCU??

He’s the fastest thing alive!
Sonic The Hedgehog is BACK in his best game yet! This week, Chris and Jon review SEGA’s new game, Sonic Mania! They also talk about the 2017 Total Solar Eclipse and try to figure out what the heck is going on with the DCU these days. Continue Reading

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Ep. 141 – Legends of Tomorrow Series Premiere Review + News+Pick of the Week

DC’s new show, Legends of Tomorrow, is here!

The guys JUST watched the series premiere of Legends of Tomorrow! Find out what they think! Also, theres a lot of news this week AND a pick of the week. Continue Reading

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Ep. 123 – Should We Want Nintendo’s Next Console To Fail?

This week, Jon and Chris discuss the pros and cons that would accompany the failure of Nintendo’s next console.

We know the Nintendo NX is in development, but is it a good thing for gamers? Do we want Nintendo to go the way of SEGA and become a third-party developer? We debate those points and more on this episode of Stay On Target! Continue Reading

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Ep. 050 – Our Favorite Entertainment of Yesteryear

It’s Stay On Target’s 50th episode! To celebrate, Jon and Chris talk about the entertainment they grew up with as kids. Join us for the fun! Continue Reading

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