Ep. 243 – 2018 Entertainment Preview + Wonder Woman 2, Game of Thrones, & Animaniacs News

The future is lookin’ good!

This week the guys talk about all the comics, TV, games, and movies they’re excited about this year! It’s a super-sized episode full of this year’s coming attractions and must read, must play, must watch entertainment! Continue Reading

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Ep. 087 – 2014 Year End Review

2014 has come to a close and Chris and Jon talk about everything that’s happened in the past year! Here are the best games, movies, TV shows, and comics that caught our attention. Continue Reading

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Ep. 052 – Royden Lepp Interview + Free Comic Book Day 2014

This week Jon and Chris interview Royden Lepp, creator, writer, and artist of Rust Volume 3 – Death of the Rocket Boy. They also talk about Free Comic Book Day 2014 and cover the comics they’re going to pick up! Continue Reading

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Ep. 046 – Should Games Publishers Release Alpha Versions? + Why Don’t Video Game Movies Work?

Chris and Jon discuss why major games publishers don’t release alpha versions of games like indie developers do. Plus Jon talks about his travels through Mexico and why movies based on video games don’t work. Continue Reading

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Ep. 007 – Graphic Novels You Should Read – Cow Boy, Rust, and Cardboard Review

We review three of our favorite graphic novels: Cow Boy, Rust, and Cardboard!

Whether you’re just getting into graphic novels and comics, or you’re a long-time fan, these books have something for you. Continue Reading

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