Ep. 228 – Our Top 5 Favorite Video Games + Destiny 2 Update

Ladies and Gentlemen, here’s tonight’s top 10 list….
Well, maybe not 10. Our apologies to David Lettermen. But here’s Chris and Jon’s top 5 favorite video games. They’re on location on Jon’s back porch and they share some news and talk about Destiny 2. Continue Reading

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Ep. 196 – The LEGO Batman Movie Review + Destiny 2 Speculation

“First try!”
The Dark Knight has returned to save Gotham again! This week Chris and Jon review The LEGO Batman Movie and how it compares to The LEGO Movie and every other Batman movie. They also talk about the news including the latest Destiny 2 rumors. Continue Reading

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Ep. 175 – Forza Horizon 3 Demo First Impressions + Rocket League Rumble Update

The beginning of the fall video game season is here!
Chris and Jon have played the new Forza Horizon 3 demo, Rocket League Rumble update, and more! This week marks the unofficial beginning of the fall video game release seaon and the guys couldn’t be happier. Continue Reading

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Ep. 157 – Rocket League Hoops Review + Disney Infinity’s Cancellation

Ya’ll ready for this? Rocket League’s Hoops update is here! The guys talk about playing the latest Rocket League mode. They also spend time analyzing the cancellation of Disney Infinity and the closure of Disney’s internal studio, f Continue Reading

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Ep. 145 – Rocket League On Xbox One + Apple’s Battle with the FBI

Rocket League has rolled it’s way onto the Xbox One!

We give you our take on the sports game that has taken the world by storm! Chris and Jon also discuss Apple’s disagreement with the FBI, The Walking Dead’s mid-season 6 premiere, 11.22.63’s premiere, and the new Batman/Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles comic book. Continue Reading

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Ep. 141 – Legends of Tomorrow Series Premiere Review + News+Pick of the Week

DC’s new show, Legends of Tomorrow, is here!

The guys JUST watched the series premiere of Legends of Tomorrow! Find out what they think! Also, theres a lot of news this week AND a pick of the week. Continue Reading

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Ep. 134 – The Game Awards 2015 Review + Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Trailer 2 Review

Here are the winners at The Game Awards 2015!

This week the guys cover The Game Awards and discuss the winners and losers! Chris also talks about why he doesn’t like the latest Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice trailer and tells Jon why he shouldn’t watch it. They also continue sharing their favorite Star Wars Memories in the lead up to The Force Awakens. Continue Reading

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Ep. 129 – Halloween in Video Games

Happy Halloween!

This week the guys talk about how Halloween is being celebrated in video games! From Destiny to Rocket League, they cover it all! They also give their scary game recommendation. And talk about a lot of Nintendo news. Continue Reading

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